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MC LIVE ISSUE 1 @ VAN HORBOURGH, ZURICH - 1st Feb - 23rd March, 2013

MC Live’s first international collaboration took place in January 2013 at the Van Horbourg Exhibition Space in Zurich. The 3 week exhibition featured a projection of short films from contributors to issue 1 of Misery Connoisseur Magazine. Curated together as a show-reel the video works existed in addition and complementary to the printed material in the magazine, lifting the artists’ ideas off the page and into a physical arena.

On the opening night Jason Underhill performed an new work via transatlantic Skype video link from his LA home. Lasting the duration of the opening, the work included extracts relating to his expereince as an office junior at an ultimatly doomed co-orporation that revealed it’s true colours during the recent financial crisis.

Artists included: Amir Chasson / Annie Davey / Claudia Djabbari / Justin Gainan / Joey Holder / Jason Underhill / Burcu Yagcioglu / Kentaro Yamada

Read the full press release here.

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